Meet your Healer, Sophie

I have always had a fascination for stones, ammonites, shells and the like, even as a small child. On every walk whether it be home or abroad I would carefully select just the right stone to take home, a pine cone from a beautiful forest or that precious piece of sea glass to pop in my pocket on a windy walk along the beach. My family will attest to that as they patiently tolerate living with piles of stones, rocks, bowls of shells, pieces of drift wood squirrelled away in our home. They are my memories of that time on my own or with much loved friends and family feeling grounded and happy. Every time I pick them up I feel a sense of being back from whence they came – what can I say they bring me peace and balance. 

Baring in mind that a muddy piece of flint can feel like treasure to me, we only have to look at a crystal to marvel at its beauty don’t we. So it didn’t take a huge leap for me to become fascinated by the unique properties of crystals too. All those stones that I had treasured as a youngster, the energy that I felt from them even from a young age was just the starting point. My interest grew as I started to learn more about the unique properties within crystals and everything fell into place. This felt like the missing link in the jigsaw of our wellness. As a health coach I feel passionately about a 360 degree approach to our wellness. We can do our sit ups, eat nourishing whole foods, get great sleep, nurture our souls with spiritual practice, build that feeling of community around us, but sometimes there can be a piece of the puzzle that just doesn’t fall into place to complete the picture of our total wellness. Crystal Healing for me is that missing link.

Good energy is CONTAGIOUS !

Everything in the world is made up of energy – you, your thoughts, your emotions and beliefs – all vibrating to a particular frequency. Crystals, too !. Working with them allows us to match our own energies and frequency with theirs so that we can take advantage of their therapeutic properties, helping to soothe our emotions, calm our minds and bring ourselves back into balance and alignment. At first many of us may think “but isn’t this all a bit to woo woo” and there was a little voice in my head that kept saying that too but the more I learned and worked with crystals the more I could feel the shifts for myself and the voice of doubt fell by the wayside after all I had been picking up on these energies most of my life I just hadn’t realised what those pebbles in my pocket as a youngster had been telling me. 

So how can this help you, well crystals can improve your feeling of wellbeing, help to lower stress, rebalance us when we feel out of alignment, lower or remove states of chronic dis-ease and so much more. They help to accelerate change for the better. 

As a modality for wellness what I really love about crystals is that they do no harm but only bring positive change. I feel totally aligned and at peace when spending time with my stone friends, my crystal helpers and I love to share their benefits with all my clients too ! 

A healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself. In this safe supportive space see this as your opportunity to explore and connect to your inner wisdom to rebalance, energise, find calm and peace again.

If you feel inquisitive to try Crystal Healing, this is your chance to experience it for yourself so feel free to reach out by hitting the link below and get in touch today to start your journey.

If its not for you right now, then please do share this page with someone who you feel would resonate with crystals and benefit from their calming and uplifting energy. Lets spread that positive energy as far as we can !

Love and light, Sophie xo