Crystal Healing Treatment

Your Treatment Plan

A treatment plan consists of 3 sessions ideally a couple of days apart. The closer together the better but they can be more spaced out if necessary. ​

£130 for a treatment plan of 3 sessions
followed by £45 per additional session thereafter

Please wear something comfortable with shoes that you can easily take off.

​Be aware that as your Crystal Healer I may touch parts of your body as I place the crystals on or near you.

Session 1 – I will welcome you and ask a few questions about your health, wellbeing and what you would like to gain from this course of treatments. Everything we discuss is private and confidential. Then you will lay down on a therapy bed, pillows etc. may be used to make you comfortable if you have health issues that make it uncomfortable to lie down and crystals will be placed on or near your body whilst you relax and listen to some calming music. Allow between 60-70 mins for this initial session.

​Session 2 – We will have a brief chat about how you felt after your last session. Now you know what to expect from your session, you will lie down on the therapy bed and crystals will be placed on or near your body. After the session we will have a short chat about how you felt. This session will last 50-60 minutes.

Session 3 – By this session you should be feeling the benefits from your two previous sessions. Your treatment will follow the same structure as last time. At the end of this session we will chat through what you have experienced and where to go from here. This session will last 50-60 minutes.

Healing is not a solo event. Nowhere in nature does healing and regeneration happen in isolation. 

Healing is a beautiful collaboration between you, the energy and your healer.

Start your journey back to calm – balance – peace today.

Crystal Healing Treatment Benefits

During your Crystal Healing treatment, thoughts, emotions, feelings and imbalances may come up. There is no good or bad no judgement to be made here but releasing these blocks can bring a sense of calm and peace again. You may also feel deeply relaxed which helps to lower cortisol and stress levels to ease worry and anxiety.

Certain types of crystals have specific properties e.g.rose quartz communicates all types of love and self-care, amethyst for headaches, deep sleep, balancing emotions, stress and negativity, clear quartz for grounding and mental clarity this stone is also popular for meditation and manifesting and citrine the uplifting stone for energy, prosperity and joy.

A Crystal Healing treatment helps to bring mental clarity, calm, emotional support, deepen our spiritual connection, build up our personal empowerment, aligning our chakras, bring a sense of grounding and of harmony. If you do not believe in the possibilities that crystal healing may bring to you, then the affects will not appear so obvious to you through your treatment so it is good to come with an open mind and just enjoy your relaxing treatment.

My passion is to help you discover your healthiest body and balanced wellness in midlife. Whether you are struggling with fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, migraines, skin & gut issues, low energy, terrible sleep, high stress levels, or any of the other 30 or more symptoms of the peri/menopause, together we can build your ideal wellness suitcase of skills and positive habits for a better second half. Supportive, empowering & kind 1:1 coaching for you in midlife.